This alternative program is for students who have difficulty in the mainstream school environment due to academic, behavioral, social, and/or emotional problems. Students may be scheduled into the PSSAS program for one class period of the school day for instruction and counseling support services. PSSAS eligibility is based on state guidelines. Students are able to earn Social Studies course credit. In addition, students learn decision-making, coping strategies,

inquiry techniques, and problem solving approaches to learning through daily instruction as well as counseling services.


Off-Campus Alternative Education

PSSAS helps students enroll in off campus alternative programs that enable students to earn a high school diploma. Some alternative programs include Job Corp, Youth Challenge, and Windward School for Adults. These off-campus programs require students to meet specific eligibility criteria. See your grade level counselor for more information.


PSSAS Workstudy Credits

Designed to help students stay in school, the workstudy component of PSSAS offers elective credit to qualifying students. One-half credit (.5) can be awarded for 60 hours of verified, paid employment. Students can earn up to one and a half credits (1.5) for their 4 years in high school.