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A, B, & C BUILDINGS:  Unten/Oshiro

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GYM/LANAI:    Agena/Medeiros

EL and Inclusion Strategies Tip of the Week #133: Need help with EL/Inclusion strategies? There are 7 High-Leverage Formative Assessment Moves you can do to support ELs. (This week we will cover #1 out of 7). PRIMING prepares the groundwork for communicating with technical vocabulary in the classroom. Priming techniques such as saying "I bet someone could build on this--who wants to try?" or "Write your thoughts even if they feel unfinished...your thinking is important." or "Let's see what we can learn from Jose's question because his perspective is important." is helpful to promote equity of voice for your ELs.   


Quarter 3 Grades: Quarter 3 Grading window in IC will be open from Thursday 3/12 to Friday 3/27 at 4:00 PM. Please be sure to post grades by 4:00 PM. An email reminder with more information has been sent to your state Gmail. Please check it and let me know if you have any questions.     

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